Lenky’s Legacy

Chapter One: Lenky’s Leave

“Baby, juss relax nuh, a nuh like seh me a guh away fi a long period of time. A juss a lukkle works mi a guh pon fi mek more money fi di two a we,”said Lenky as he tried to assure his latest ting that everything would be okay. They had just recently met at a bar in Kingston and decided to give “it” a try. With the cost of living skyrocketing on the island, it was very hard for a man to fend for himself, much less family. One evening, after a long day out in the fields, Lenky sat in front of his “big” 18″ TV screen to watch the evening program that ran from 6 to 7 p.m.

“Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this broadcast to bring great news. Your local library will be offering free passport renewals as well as help finding a cheap ticket to any place on the map. Registration will begin promptly this Saturday from noon till 5 o’clock pm. Light refreshments will be provided for your convenience”, blurted the reporter. Bwoy, yuh know seh me wah guh a foreign still, said Lenky to himself. So why you nuh galang,said his girlfriend as she walked outside of the bedroom, as if she knew exactly what Lenky was thinking. Mi nuh too wah leff you one down here, nuh wah feel like seh me abandon yuh or nothing, especially like how tings a gwan a yaad. Mi arright mon, gwan. Juss dont fi get fi send di lukkle money fi me gwan sort out mi self.

Later that night, Lenky noticed that his girlfriend didn’t seem like her usual self. Baby, yuh face longa than mi buddy… a wah coulda trouble you so my darling. Mi did a tink bout weh we did talk bout earlier inno, and mi nuh know wah guh gwan when yuh leave.”Suh nuh thats why dem mek phone?” said Lenky. The two sat around the dinner table and quietly finished their meals.”Lenky’s Latest”, (the term that we will refer to any of Lenky’s companions or significant others, or whateva dem call dem nowadays) got up from the dinner table and headed towards the sink where she gently placed down the dirty dishes and began running some water over them. She bent over in order to open the door of the dishwasher, a site that didn’t miss Lenky fi nothing. His eyes bulged out from his head like dem cartoon character deh pon T.V as ol John Thomas grew from a boy to a man in seconds. Hard like concrete and tough like two rock stone, Lenky quickly got up from his seat and approached his Latest.Unaware, Lenky’s Latest continued doing the dishes, humming a little tune to herself as she continued the wash rinse wash rinse wash rinse cycle.

Wasting no time, Lenky hugged her from the back in such a way that her round buttocks engulfed his penis, making its way between her thighs. She gasped, dropping the plate that was in her hands. Lenky placed one hand on her already stiff nipples and used the other to shift her newly bought Victoria’s Secret underwear to the side. “Yuh wah know my secret, he whispered into her ears.” I wonda what kinda secret you coulda have fi tell me, she replied. A one a dem secret deh weh you nuh tell nobody, he said patting the outside jaw to her vagina. She turned around and laughed, excited for the treatment she was about to receive. She hopped up onto the sink and started to undress. Lenky loosened the belt to his trousers and began to run his construction coarse hands up and down his shaft. Dropping onto one knee Lenky bit his lip as he admired the beautiful shape of the vagina he was far too blessed to have gotten. He made his way to her belly button and began to make out with it. Lenky continued further down, and as his wet tongue made contact with her clit, she jumped, nearly falling off the counter. Lenky closed his eyes and continued to moisturize her vagina. By this time, the kitchen floor was now drenched in cum, giving the ground a glossy finish. Lenky stood up and began to make out with his girlfriend. She slowly separated her thighs, making way for Lenky’s entry. Lenky slowly placed the tip of his cock on the outside of her vagina and slowly stuffed all of his manhood between her legs. Gasping, she began to clinch her toes, scratching Lenky’s back in the process. Hours passed and the two had made their way from the floor to the couch and finally into the bedroom. The room turned into a pig pen with all the squealing and damaged furniture to follow.

The next day Lenky woke up and found that he had failed to eject his erect penis from inside of the still moisturized vagina. He slowly slid out, trying hard not to wake the almost lifeless body beside him. After a much needed shower, Lenky started to get dress to go to the library to renew his passport. Stepping out onto the veranda, Lenky stretched and shaked his cramped joints. It was a long walk from where he lived to the nearby library, so he started on his journey in a hasty manner.”Sir..sir…excuse me sir, can I see your birth certificate and old passport please,” said the attendant who was getting impatient. But see yah, she said, “hi..hello..but yuh muss tink a you one want renew passport.” Are you talking to me said Lenky after snapping out of his daydream. No mi a talk to mi self, replied the attendant who at this point had lost her cool. Smaddy please help da mon here because mi done wid him. Confused, Lenky gathered all of his documents and moved to the station a few windows down. Shortly after, the attendant handed Lenky his new passport and plane tickets.

Back at home, (Lenky’s latest) Leona was preparing sandwiches for lunch when she noticed that Lenky still had not returned from the library. She thought nothing of it for the line may have been backed up or something. She went about her normal routine, cleaning the living space with her feather duster. Realizing how quiet the house was without loud mouth Lenky, Leona decided to turn on the radio.One of Vybz Kartel’s newest singles began playing and she could not help but move her hips in circular motions, prancing across the living room which suddenly transformed into a dance floor. Leona unclipped the pin from her hair, allowing it to drop down her back. She continued this behavior for quite sometime, stopping only to prepare supper. She made enough food for both her and Lenky, who still hadn’t reached home.

Once a month, there comes a time when females get a certain way about things. For Leona this wasn’t the case. She realized that she was a few weeks late and if she was in fact going to have her period, it would have came already. Before getting ready for bed that night she took a pregnancy test and after viewing the results, she concluded that she was pregnant. Stricken with sadness, Leona crawled into bed and fell asleep after a few toss and turns.

In the midst of the night Lenky had returned home and decided to sleep on the settee. Too worn out to pack, he decided to put it off till the morning. Early the next morning, Leona woke up to Lenky tossing articles of clothing into a suitcase, negligent to whether or not the clothes were folded neatly. She asked him where he was going to which she got no reply. Now awake, she sat up in bed and asked her question again which was followed by another moment of silence and no reply. Finally Lenky said, “foreign”, and walked out of the room, hauling his heavy luggage with him. Leona jumped out of bed, quickly following him. “So soon”, she asked with a puzzled look on her face. Lenky started flashing his boarding pass in her face and and did a quick check of the premises to make sure that he hadn’t forgotten anything. Leona wanted to tell Lenky that she was pregnant but decided that this wasn’t the time.

Lenky left without saying goodbye. No one knows why he was acting the way he was acting towards Leona, but that was no longer relevant. Images of the place where he once called home became more and more blurry as the taxi driver sped towards the airport. The check-in process was not as bad as Lenky had anticipated it to be, and was soon seated on the aircraft. “What would you like to eat,” said the flight attendant once she made her way to where Lenky was seated. “You,” he replied with a smile on his face. The attendant blushed and handed Lenky a bag of pretzels and poured soda into the small clear plastic cup. As she made her way down the aisle, Lenky noticed how protruded her butt was in the tight skirt that she wore. A suh foreign a gwan he said to himself. It was a long plane ride to Miami, Fl. and Lenky had lost the battle with sleep. With a strong urge to relieve himself, Lenky woke up and made his way to the back of the plane. He heard a knock at the door to which he answered, “smaddy in here.” The knock continued followed but the turning of keys. Lenky quickly tried to finish using the restroom, but it was too late. A group of young flight attendants, no older than 25, gathered inside of the small restroom. “We would like to thank you for choosing to fly with us,” one began. Lenky realized that it was the same attendant that he was flirting with earlier. Thinking he was about to engage in some sort of aircraft orgy, Lenky left his pants where they were, around his ankles. Close your eyes another attendant said and as she made her way towards Lenky. No peeking either said another. The attendants tied Lenky’s feet together and did the same to his hands. They all blind folded Lenky and started laughing. This should teach you a lesson they said together as they made their way out of the bathroom, locking the door behind them. Lenky felt the plane landing and realized what was happening. He began to scream for help but his lips were duct taped. Furthermore, no one would have heard him over the commotion that took place as the passengers searched for their carry-on luggages. After everyone had left, only the pilot remained, who luckily had to use the bathroom.

Chapter Two: After Hours

Lenky boarded the taxi cab, and was left with forty-seven dollars to his name. “Where ya headed,” the taxi driver said with a scruffy voice. Lenky remained silent, half ashamed that a man of his age had no where to go. He spent nearly all of his earnings on the plane ticket alone. “Where to,” the driver repeated, glancing quickly over his shoulders at Lenky. “I’ll get off at the last stop,” Lenky said finally. “This is a taxi service not a city bus,” the driver blurted. Lenky opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. To his right, a young lady sat, gazing out of the cab window. The rain outside made everything feel unbearably muggy and the air condition-less cab, made matters even worse. She longed to be in the comforts of her own bed, and secretly hated Lenky for making her wait even longer.

“He’s getting off with me mister,” she said to the driver.

For a moment there was silence. The raindrops pounding on top of the cab was all that could be heard. The driver retired to driving and didn’t question Lenky any further. Shortly after, the cab came to a screeching halt on the corner of Brickwell Ave. “Here, let me get that for you,” Lenky said as he took the suitcase from the woman. She slammed the trunk shut and they both watched as the taxi cab zoomed off into the distance.

” This is where I live,” she said pointing to a decent sized brick house.

“You have a very lovely home mrs…”

“Shayna, or Shay for short. And I’m not married.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay, I’ve been meaning to take off this stupid ring, but it’s much easier to just keep it on. People ask less questions.”

Lenky left it at that, for it wasn’t in his best interest to get on Shay’s bad side. He felt awfully fortunate that she would open up her home to a complete stranger whom she knew nothing about.

“By the way, my name is Lenky.”

“Lenky ? ” she said with a light chuckle, “that’s a very….interesting name.”

It was then that Lenky noticed just how beautiful Shay was. Slender in shape, she moved gracefully, as she walked into the kitchen to get Lenky a drink. The bags under her eyes, may have had something to with the tremendous amount of heartache that she was undergoing.

“Why are guys so inconsiderate Lenky?”

Off guard, Lenky unglued his eyes from Shay’s round buttocks and answered, “the truth is everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the one worth fighting for.”

“Wow, i’ve never received an answer like that before, where are you from again ?”

“Jamaica, I came here to do a little work fi gwan sort out myself.”

“You chose the wrong time to come, America isn’t the same when you are actually living here.

Lenky finished the cup of water that Shay had poured for him, “what do you mean ?”

“You will see for yourself, trust me. You will see for yourself.”


A few months had passed since Lenky had left Jamaica. He lived rent free with Shay in the brick house on the corner of Brickwell Ave. in Miami, Florida. Shay was getting tired of the leaching Lenky, but could not find a way to tell him he had to go. A part of the reason was because she had built up a little crush for the foreigner and wasn’t quite ready for him to exit her life.

The two slept in separate bedrooms, but Shay longed to be held, touched, and feel appreciated. Although her divorce with her former husband wasn’t official, she considered herself single.

Lenky knew that Shay had a thing for him. But how would she react if he made the first move ? Worst, where would he go if she ever evicted him from her home ? All the negatives kept Lenky as far from Shay sexually as he could.


Shay grew increasingly frustrated ever since her husband went away to serve his country. She hadn’t had any in a long time and was getting tired of using plastic dicks to please herself.

It was true, she had a thing for Lenky. The foreigner was quite intriguing to say the least. Back in the taxicab where they first met she got a glimpse of Lenky’s dick leaning towards the left. The flaccid cock alone measured about eight inches, she could only imagine his full extension.

Shay made dinner one night but decided to make Lenky’s plate extra special. She placed two sleeping pills inside of the tall glass of lemonade and watched as it dissolved to the bottom. She was determined to explore Lenky’s body without him ever even knowing. They ate, Lenky thanked her for dinner as usually. “Oh you’re going to thank me all right,” Shay thought to herself. The two said their goodnights and went off into their separate bedrooms.

Shay waited until she knew for a fact that the pill had taken its toll on Lenky before she did anything. While she waited, she decided to take a shower. The running water had such an effect on her that she started to touch her self. She ran her delicate hands down her body stopping to turn the black pearl that sat in the center on her breast. As she turned them, they began to stand up firm and stiff. Shay placed one finger in her mouth and began sucking on it slowly. She made her way to the side of the tub where she sat and spread her legs apart. Her pussy was still smooth from shaving earlier that morning. She took her finger from her mouth and gently pinched her clit and started turning it between her fingers. Her nipplesbegan to harden some more. By now, Shay had her head back against the bathroom wall. She had one hand on her breast and the other suffocating between her thighs. She continued to massage her clit, fantasizing about the treatment she was going to give Lenky.

Her vagina was soggy like uneaten cereal that was left in the milk for too long. Dripping with excitement, Shay removed her fingers from her treasure box,wrinkled from prolonged immersion inside of her. She wanted to continue but knew that she had to hurry before the pill wore off. With only a tank top on and a bottle of edible lotion. Shay left her room.

The tiles throughout the house was awfully cold, sending a chill throughout her body. Shay tiptoed through the living room, nearly tripping over her heels that she had forgotten to put away earlier. When she got to Lenky’s bedroom, she took a deep breath before entering.

The door creaked open, Lenky was on the bed, lightly snoring. Lenkly laid on his back, and despite the cold weather, slept completely naked. He might have fallen asleep masturbating because his hands was still wrapped around his cock. Shay lifted the hand up and placed it on her breast. Lenky’s cold hands delivered a rush throughout her body. She was now hornier than ever.

She slowly climbed into bed with him. Wasting no time she pressed her lips against his. They were soft. A little too soft, it was evident that he took really good care of them. Shay climbed ontop of him, squatting over his face. She began squatting up and down, as if she was practicing a gym routine. Each time Lenkly’s lips gave her a light peck on the tongue of her vagina, which was now moist with her bodily fluids.

She retired from squatting and started riding his face. His big soft lips sliding up and down her vagina, turning her on more and more. She held onto the wall for support. She let out a faint moan. “Oh God,” she gasped as she began to pick up speed, squirming with pleasure. She used her free hand to feel the bulge of Lenky’s cock behind her. She squeezed it with confidence. She turned around but didn’t get up off Lenky’s face. She placed the tip of his cock on her lips, counted to three, then golfed down the enormous monster down her throat. She held onto his thighs, as she bobbed her head up and down. The hard slimy snake was far from what she had imagined. She slid him out of her mouth and placed it between her breast. She held her boobs together, holding the python between them, as if she was trying to tame it.

Shay returned to licking and sucking Lenky’s hard cock, as she played with his balls. She was moaning out loud, not caring at this point if Lenky woke up or not. She got off him, but it was only a matter of seconds until she jumped right back on. This time she took the full length of Lenky’s cock in her tight pussy. She screamed. It was so big and expanded more and more inside of her. Her water was warm just like the one she had just showered in. She held her boobs firmly in her hands as she flopped up and down on Lenky’s shaft. She cried. She leaned forward, thrusting her ass into Lenky’s lap. His big hard dick filled her up. Every inch sunken deep into her wet pussy and she enjoyed every minute. Her vagina throbbed. Her eyes watered. She started biting her lips, as she continued to fling her tight pussy into Lenky.Her toes curled. Her knees gave out. Her heart started doing jumping jacks.

Shay slowly eased up off Lenky’s still hard dick. His dick must have been plugging her hole, barricading her nectar, for when she took him out, a gallon or so rushed out of her opening. She collapsed next to Lenky. She was totally spent. She couldn’t take anymore. Lenky was more man than she could ever manage. She wobbled back to her room, leaving a trail of cum all over the house, as she went.

The next morning, Shay made breakfast for her and Lenky like she normally did. “Did you sleep good ?” she asked after joining him at the table. “I didn’t get much sleep at all, I was up having sex with you all night,” Lenky said with a smirk on his face. Shay froze, holding a slice of toast in mid air. The pill hadn’t worked. She had sex with Lenky and he was completely aware of it.

Chapter Three: Lenky’s Lounge

Things heated up between Shay and Lenky. Ever since that night, the two had sex uncontrollably. Shay could not stay off of Lenky’s dick. She rode it every chance she got, on break, at work, in the parking lot, in the bathroom at a basketball game. It got to the point where she no longer wore underwear because it was too much of a hassle to take off. Muchless finding it after the two were done frollicking.

A good thing can only keep going for so long until something goes sideways. Lenky’s new found relationship with Shay was getting increasingly stronger. It’s amazing how you can be with someone for so long and think they are the one and then one day you meet someone else that makes you reconsider everything, such as spending forever with a person . Lenky was so caught up with his new life that he had almost forgotten about Leona,his girlfriend back in Jamaica. Not once did he ever think to call her or try to reach out to her. Shay had taken the place of Leona completely.

Shay hadn’t quite been herself lately. She rarely ate and always went to bed early. Lenky had moved into her bedroom, since there was no need for the two to sleep in separate rooms anymore.

“Babes me nuh like the way yuh look you know,” Lenky said rolling over to face Shay.

The look in her eyes said it all. Lenky wasn’t even sure she even heard him. He stretched his arms out to hold her. Shay had put on a little weight since recently.

“Lenky I’m going to need you to get a job,” Shay said finally.

“I told you I’m looking but I come up empty every time, I just need some time,” Lenky said.

“Well you have nine months to get it together Lenky because I don’t want to have to raise this baby on my own.”


“Yes, baby. The one you helped me create.”

Lenky froze. ” how comes you didn’t tell me you were pregnant ?”

What difference does it make Lenky. The baby is on its way whether or not you were formally notified.

” I mean I just wish you had said something sooner. ”

“For what ? For you to get a head start on something you should have been doing ? You’re a man Lenky, it’s not my job to remind you of things men should naturally do on their own, like make a living for themselves so they don’t have to depend on the income of some bitch they are fucking. And I swear to God, you have nine months or else. ”

Lenky turned over, putting his back to Shay. She was right and that was the bad part. Lenky laid there, thinking of ways to make money while he tried to grasp the fact that he was going to be a father.

The next morning, Lenky got up bright and early, determined to have success with his job hunting. He poured himself a bowl of cereal and clicked on the TV. As usual there was nothing to watch. Lenky flipped through the channels until he stumbled upon a commercial that got his attention. There was a half naked lady sliding up and down a pole wearing her black laced panties and bright red lipstick. Old men sat around her and tossed money onto her, complimenting her for her great work.

“A so dem gyal a gwan..” Lenky thought, “ look how dem make money easy.”

“Think you got what it takes ? Then call us at 1-800-666-0666.”

“A what kind of devil numba this man.”

Lenky looked at the house phone. He wanted to be in the same shoes as that lady on TV. He wanted to make money quick and easy. Most importantly, he wanted to be the man. He wanted respect.

Lenky wanted to be apart of the striping industry, but he knew he couldn’t be the one doing the stripping. That was a major no no. Nothing would hurt his masculinity more. The more Lenky thought things through, the more things started making sense. He knew he didn’t want to work a 9 to 5, that just wasn’t his thing. He wanted to make money, and lots of it. He wanted strippers stripping on his behalf, generating a large amount of income…for him. And what better way to learn the business than a visit to a local strip joint.

Later that night, the fluorescent green light on the alarm clock read 9:34 pm. Beside him, Shay was fast asleep. He knew he had to keep his new “job” away from her. Lenky slowly got out of bed and made his way over to the closet. Classy or casual he pondered as he browsed for something to throw on. Definitely classy he said to himself, removing a silk dress shirt from off the hanger. He carefully got dressed, as quite as possible.

To Be Continued…

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