I promised myself I wouldn’t have sex for a while. It’s not that I was against it or anything, I just needed a break. Being banged out every other night was taking a toll on my body and there was only so much that my poor vagina could take.

There was a loud knock on my apartment door. Through the peephole I saw no other than Cage, 6’11, athletic build, drizzled in rich chocolate with his bulge on full display. I opened the door and he handed me a box of chocolate and a bundle of roses.

“These are my favorite ! I hope you didn’t mean anything serious by them though because I already told you……”

“I just wanted to have dinner with you before I leave the country for good.”

“Well I’m not really in the mood to eat.”

“That’s cool…but I am.”

“Michelle I’ve been feigning for you for the longest. I know we can’t be anything more than friends. And honestly that’s cool. But I didn’t want to leave with a bad taste in my mouth. I want something sweet and sticky like a sugary substance. I want to devour you. Until my tongue is submerged inside of your compact twat, I will not cease. ”

“Fine. But not here. Let’s go to your car.”

He picked me up and escorted me out to his pickup truck, I felt like a princess in his arms . He sat me on top of his tailgate and started tearing my thighs open. I watched as my panties slowly slid off my waist and down my legs.

“Out in the open like this ?” I asked.

“ I don’t see anything wrong with it,” he said as his head rested between my legs. I was a guy when it came to getting head…that’s all I wanted and I didn’t care who it came from, as long as I was getting my pussy ate. Cage didn’t know this about me. I closed my eyes and held on to his head. His tongue corked my hole leaving no room for anything to get in or out. I pulled his head in closer. His slobbery spit acted as a catalyst, setting off my wildest senses. The feeling that is felt once water touches your tongue for the first time on a scorching hot day, is the same feeling I felt as his tongue slowly made its way through my crevices. He wiped his tongue across the surface of my pussy excessively as I fought to hold back an orgasm. It was way too early to be squirting all over his face, I wanted to save the blast for last.

Cage and I would never be more than what we currently were, fuck buddies. For one he has a wife and three kids, which makes him a perfect fit for me. Whatever it was, sex or head, was ten times better when I knew the person was off limits. Before I hook up with anyone, I always lock my heart away in the same draw that I take my panties from. No nigga was going to do me like the first guy I’ve ever been with had done. But that’s a story for some other time.

Night fell, and I had completely lost track of time. Cage was still downstairs handling his shit. 3 hours had passed. I figured it was about time I let him taste some all natural, spring water straight from the Fountain of Youth. I ran my nails through his soft hair, as he was dining, I was wining. His big African-American lips lathered inside of my pussy just the way I liked it. I felt the ooze trickle through my body, just when I was about to buss it wide open, I clenched my pussy jaws shut. His tongue was still locked inside of me. When I opened the gates of glory a heavy gush of water rushed out of me and splashed Cage in his face. He looked so sexy coated in my cum.


Through the crack in my blinds I could see blue and red lights rapidly flashing. My adrenaline kicked in as I began to ride Cage even harder. Moments later, a knock was heard at the door. Cage and I didnt even care to stop. I started moaning even louder, before the door was kicked in. “FREEZE!!! DON’T MOVE…PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR WHERE I CAN SEE THEM.” “You are under arrest for trying to have all the fun by your damn self,” he said slapping a pair of handcuffs around my wrist. Here I was about to be carted off to jail…naked. To my astonishment, the officer opened the door to his cruiser and threw me down on the passenger seat. I pulled the seat all the way back, placed one leg on the door and the other on the armrest in the middle. The officer got between my legs and went to work leaving Cage no other option but to watch. The guy had a really fast tongue. He was so nimble with it that I came a lot. And he sucked a lot too. So I kept cuming. I was high as fuck off of his head game. It was supposed to just be Cage and I, but he started sucking on my fingers and I couldn’t resist. Then boom. Personally I like rough sex, and I was so horny, but I wouldn’t let him hit. So we moved to the backseat and I gave him the best head of his life. Stuck my long tongue out and wrapped his dick up like a pig in a blanket. The officer finger fucked me hard with three fingers while giving me hickeys all over my breast. My pussy couldn’t stop quinting. Whoever gets arrested after all of this goes down is gonna need a whole lot of napkins to clean up my mess.

It was getting hot inside of the cruiser, no pun intended. We slowly regained enough strength and went back outside. Cage was sitting on the hood of his truck, waiting. The officer swept me off my feet and laid me out on the top of his cruiser. He reached for his gun and baton simultaneously. My heart rate went skyrocketing. I had no clue what he was about to do to me. He took the baton and started sucking on one end of it. I’m not going to lie but it turned me on even more. Once the baton was just how he wanted it, I felt it making its way through my ass. Once it was lodged in tight, he signaled for Cage to join him. The officer loaded his gun, cocked it back and then started massaging my already wet pussy with it. The fear of the unknown had my blood boiling. I closed my eyes, I couldn’t watch. There was a short pause. Two tongues began licking out my pussy, I opened up my eyes and saw both of them feasting away. It felt so nice and warm that I didn’t want them to stop. They ate as much of my pussy as they both could manage. I heard a clicking sound but it was coming from me. I tried to locate the gun and it was nowhere to be found. I heard the noise again, slowly turned around to find a gun pointed in my face, but it wasn’t Cage or the officer that was holding the gun.


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