Taste of Heaven

In memory of the moments, we shared in the backseat of my sports car that are likely to never happen again. Based on a true story.

Heaven and I first met at school where we both worked. She worked in a different department, but that didn’t stop us from seeing each other.

There was something about her low cut hair, small waist and a peach-shaped ass that I fell in love with. That’s when my pursuit of her pussy began.


Months had gone by since Heaven and I had last spoken. We slowly grew apart without even noticing it. That’s usually how these things work; nothing ever seems to last forever. But just when I had erased her from my memory completely, Heaven came right back like a boomerang.

The loud music inside the low lit club was to blame for the events to ensue. It was my birthday weekend and I decided to celebrate by consuming more alcohol than I probably should. One by one, my friends made sure my cup never went half way. I was dancing and drinking, dancing and drinking that was when I saw a similar physique that I could point out anywhere; it was Heaven. Dressed in an all black skin tight  Christian Dior dress and black heels that she probably just picked up from Bloomingdales before coming to the club.

I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards my body. The two of us slowly fell into sync, letting our moves match with the beat of the music. Kissing up and down her neck, I placed my lips gently on her ear and uttered,”hey stranger it’s been a while.” She smiled, which was her way of saying this was no place to be playing catch up, so I gave it a rest and continued dancing.

It was apparent that she didn’t expect me to be such a great dancer. She lost the battle trying to keep her dress from riding up, allowing me to feel more of her than ever before. Instantly, my pants front rose, but that didn’t hinder her from her grind. In fact, it motivated her to keep going and that was exactly what she did.  I held onto her waist and daggered the night away.


Heaven had once again disappeared. The unforgettable night at the club was the last time I had spoken to her. Sure there were times when I would randomly think about her, but I had learned to shrug them off. Until one day, out of nowhere, we decided to hang out.

“I’ll take you to work a little early so that you can have enough time to get ready,” I suggested. “I hate getting ready for work inside the bathroom, I would much rather get ready here in your car.” I didn’t argue with Heaven. I mean if a drop dead gorgeous female tells you that she wants to change in your car, LET HER.  So she climbed into the back seat and started taking off her shirt. I turned my head to make sure she was…you know…didn’t need help or anything. I leaned my seat back and took her breast into my hands. They were so nice and round. I could tell that she was turned on by my actions because her nipples were almost begging to be sucked on.

I couldn’t fight the feeling for much longer. I took her warm soft breast in my mouth and started sucking on them. Meanwhile, my hands were busy trying to undo her pants. I ran my tongue down her body stopping just above her clit.

I gracefully toiled my fingers around it staring at it dead center. She could tell by the fierce look in my eyes that I took the art of eating pussy seriously. Grabbing her soft chocolate thighs I rested them on the back of the seats. From this angle, I had a clear eye view of her fat chocolate pussy waiting for me. Her juices glistened all over it. I placed my thumb on top of it and watched as my finger drowned in the moist wetness. Holding on to the back of her knees, my tongue went soaring in and the loud gasp that she let out made my jimmy stand up firm in my sweatpants.

“Ugh, I wish I didn’t have to go to work,” Heaven whined. “After this I know I’m going to have a good day, no one can stress me out, not even my antagonizing boss.”

“We need to talk about what just happened,” she said. “I had no idea you could eat pussy the way you do. I thought my ex was the best but you eat pussy 10x better than her.”

I leaned forward and took her luscious bottom lips into my mouth, leaving her no choice but to suck on my top lip.

I watched as she gathered her belongings and left for work. I knew by the way that she walked that I had proven myself.  She staggered as if she had just got the life sucked from between her. If she didn’t have to work I would have fucked her right there in the parking lot.


“What do you mean that’s the least of your worries? What if we get caught ?” she questioned.

“My windows are tinted, no one will see us,” I assured her.

“You speak as if you’ve done this before…”

“Well I’m no angel,” I said making my way to the back seat (this wasn’t my first rodeo, and it sure wasn’t going to be the last) I immediately went to work. Stripping her out of her skin-tight yoga pants was no easy task. But as soon as I saw her clean shaven pussy with a clear eye view, I knew I had won.

I remember the first time I started eating pussy. I stared at it, I tugged at it. I did everything but put it to my lips. Over the years, I’ve learned not to play with my food, and this time I had plans to clean my plate in its entirety.

I rested my face between her warm thighs and basked in her pleasant lady smells. I began by outlining her with the tip of my tongue, stroking the crevices that her clit had formed…And then…

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