Jenevieve had fallen head over heels for Reynaldo long before she knew how gigantic his dick was. It was a boring Saturday night and they both were looking to spice things up. “We can check out a strip club,” Reynaldo suggested. “Hmmm I’m fine with that,” Jen added. Mystique’s was located Downtown and the dancers were always top notch. They walked into the joint and almost immediately both of their eyes landed on Hazel, the baddest dancer out of the bunch.


Jen was in the backseat fingering Hazel’s soft wet pussy. “Don’t play with your food,” Hazel said in anticipation. Jen got down and started collecting the cum gushing out of her. Hazel grabbed a hold of Jen’s soaked hands and devoured the juices. The two shared a sexy passionate kiss that made Reynaldo briefly lose control of his newly detailed Porsche 911.

Hazel whispered something in Reynaldo’s ears. She wanted to feel the length of his shaft deep inside of her. The sports car came to a screeching halt. Slowly, Reynaldo pulled the car over to the side of the road. He looked over his shoulders and caught a glimpse of the two freshly shaven twats waiting for him; he could not wait to stick his tongue deep inside of them. He pulled the seats forward and got down on his knees. Jen grabbed a hold of his head and shoved it between her legs. Hazel started sucking his dick while caressing his balls ever so gently; grateful for the opportunity to showcase her talent. Jen used her free hand to lift Hazel’s ass in the air so she could get a better view.

“Put that tongue in my pussy!” Hazel demanded. Jen stuck her long tongue deep inside her pussy, tongue-fucking Hazel till she squirted. “Holyyyyyy fuccccckkkkk I’m squirting!!!! Hazel’s body violently shook, rocking the car side to side. She continued to glide her pussy across Jen’s juicy red lips. While Jen laid down underneath Hazel’s swollen pussy, Reynaldo positioned himself behind the dancer’s fat ass. He spat on the tip of his big cock before sliding it inside.

Hazel’s pussy was so tight. Reynaldo tried to pace himself so he wouldn’t cum but her pussy felt so good. Jen’s tongue glided over his balls every time he stroked back and forth. Hazel’s tongue was slowly caressing Jen’s clit while fingering her sweet wet pussy. Her tongue was making sultry circles all over her pussy lips, teasing her till she was on edge. Running out of breath Jen said, “ooouuu don’t stop, don’t stop, right there, right there, please don’t stop.” as she continued riding her fact Hazel couldn’t find the strength, she too was about to cum. Reynaldo closed his eyes he couldn’t hold in his load any longer; he sent it straight through Hazel’s body. Hazel felt it just before letting loose herself. The three climaxed at the same time. Loud moans dispersed in the air through the sunroof of the car. Passer-bys hooted and hollered, cheering the three sex-filled adults to keep going. They all collapsed on the back seat motionless.



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