Justice For Josephine

In the stillness of the night, my father’s snoring was all that could be heard from the adjoining bedroom. I opened the front door slowly, careful not to wake him, and stepped out onto the open frontier.

Josephine, one of the nigga gyals was on trial for the pushback that she has been giving my father for the last few weeks. As a slave master, he was going to make an example out of her tomorrow in the town centre.

I was going to enjoy her body one last time before she died; “the pleasure before pain principle” as I like to call it. I kicked down the door to the shed and flipped on the light switch. In the center of the room Josephine was hanging upside down like a chandelier.

She had nothing on except the blindfold that my father placed on her earlier that day. I went over to where she was in the center of the room and caressed the opening between her legs. Her attempts at shaking me off came up short every time. There wasn’t much place for her to go. “Tonight we shall be playmates,” I said, slapping her on her ass. She struggled to free herself from my grip to no avail.

I got very frustrated. “If you continue with this behavior you shall be severely punished slave, do you hear me,” I said in a very stern tone of voice. The struggle died down, and she returned to the calm state in which I found her in. “Good.”

I unbuckled my trousers, allowing them to fall to my ankles as I watched my cock dangle before her. She was on her best behavior. I stroked the tip of my shaft before sliding it in her mouth. She took me in with ease. “Put those big nigga lips to work,” I ordered. She quickly wrapped her tongue around me and took me in even further.

Out of nowhere Josephine picked up speed. I could feel my load working its way up my shaft. It was too early to cum. “Slow down!” She picked up even more speed. “I demand you to slow down!!” She went even faster. “That’s it I said,” and grabbed her ass cheeks firmly in my hands.With a big chunk of her ass in each of my hands, I spread her wide open and lowered my head between her legs, wiping my tongue back and forth between the crack of her moist pussy. Her ass continued to ripple as I smacked her cheeks furiously.

I used my big massive hands to pry open her pussy and proceeded to sucking on her clit as if it was a cherry flavored lollipop. Slowly my tongue circled the opening to her vagina like a guard on patrol..back and forth, back and forth. She was about to burst like a balloon with too much water. I kept my mouth agaped to catch every ounce of her lady liquid. Her pussy took a deep breath, oozing out a gallon of cum when she exhaled.

“What’s my name, slave?” I hollered, spanking the surface of her pussy with my tongue. “Master!” She retorted. “I repeat, what’s my name slave…” as I started to unbuckle my belt loop. “Daddy!” I whipped out my shaft. We both stared at it as it dangled between us. I took it into my hands and began outlining her lips with the tip. After completing a few laps, she opened her mouth and took me in. I felt my soul being sucked in like a vacuum. It was the most thrilling experience of my lifetime. A part of me felt so dead yet.. I felt so alive. I used my cum and covered her face up white like a mime.


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