Exotic Spa

It was the little weekend getaway that I needed. Things were getting tense at the office and everyone was just growing tired of each other. I couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 5 pm so I could get the hell up out of there. By 4:59, my computer was shut down, my brown checkered LV purse was in one hand and my keys in the next. As soon as I got to my SUV, I flung my red bottoms in the back seat and slipped into my comfortable Adidas slides.

A spontaneous visit to the spa is what my body had been missing. The 50% off sign caught my attention and the “walk-ins welcome”, sealed the deal. I swung my Range Rover into the parking spot in front of the store and got out. I admired my curvy reflections in the glass windows before opening the door to the spa.

“Welcome to Exotic Spa, is this your first visit,” a beautiful vixen no older than 25 asked. She was wearing a robe, which I thought made an interesting receptionist uniform.

“Shamefully,” I said making my way to the desk.

“So just a few things,” she began. “It is my job to make sure you are well aware of all the rules that we have in place here at Exotic Spa. Should you at any point during your visit feel uneasy and want to stop your treatment, please let a member of staff know. The rules here is simple. There is no rules. Once you step across those red tape over by that door, anything can happen. Our staff will be in their birthday suit, and if you are lucky, you might just  see me in mines,” she said dropping her robe.

I stared in admiration. They were so round. This service must cost a fortune I thought.

“Lucky for you since it’s your first time. With that being said, you do get the first time customer price of $49.99 and that can be used with the sign on the window,” she said pointing to the sign behind me.

“Girl that’s a steal! How long is the wait ?”

“So your total will come out to $24.99. And you actually came at a perfect time, there is no wait. Just go ahead and sign the consent forms while I print your receipt.”

I rummaged around in my purse trying to find my credit card. Then my travel size dildo decided to fall on the floor. Great.

“I feel like I’m signing my life away,” I said handing her back the clipboard.

“No, just your body,” she said with a smile.

I can’t lie, the way she was flirting with me turned me on a little bit. And when I heard a deep voice introducing himself as Jakeem and holding the door open for me I nearly fainted.

“I just want to pull on your dreads and suck the caramel off of you,” I said to myself.

“I can read lips,” Jakeem said taking a handful of my ass in his big manly palms. He lead me towards the back where I was handed a pair of slippers with no robe. “Hurry up and change off, I’ll be waiting in the adjoining room,” he said walking out.

“Nooo don’t leave,” I felt like saying. Instead I hastily came out of my office outfit and put on the slippers I was given. Butt-naked, I opened the door and stepped into the hallway.

When did the Spa get so packed all of a sudden I thought. Everyone was walking around as if this was normal for them. I knew I was a freak, but damn. Was this taking it too far ? Should I skip out on Jakeem and leave now ?

Before I could come to a conclusion, I felt eyes on me and turned around in time to see Jakeem standing at the doorway with his hands folded across his chest and a grin glued to his face. He beckoned me into the room, making my decision for me. As soon as the doors closed his robes fell. I tried so hard to find something to look at other than his junk, but I couldnt. It was so massive and enticing. There is no way that he was normal. I couldn’t stop thinking about how he would feel inside of me. Was he good with his tongue as he was with his words ? All these things ran through my mind as he laid me on the table.

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