iCame. iSaw. iCuffed

The backlight on my iPhone lit up displaying a text message from my girl Tracy. Tracy and I have been dating for a few months now, but in all honesty she stopped doing things that she use to do when we first got together. Moreover, I was getting bored in the relationship. Getting her to give me head was like pulling teeth and like I always told her, “if you’re not going to do it, someone else will.”

“What’s for dinner baby” displayed on the screen and I hesitated for a minute before opening up the message to reply. I started typing but stopped halfway when I saw this beautiful female waiting to cross the street. I waved for her to go and stared in admiration as she walked passed my car.

“Damn,” I thought, ” what the hell was her mother feeding her,” with an ass like that I could tell she wasn’t missing any meals.

“Say lil momma can I holla atchu for a minute,” I blurted out without thinking of what I was saying . She kept walking, pretending not to hear. I parallel parked my car on the side and ran to catch up to where she was.

“Can I get your name at least,” I said running out of breath.

“I don’t give out my government like that,” she said. “Especially to people I don’t know.”

“Damion,” I said stretching my hands out for her to receive. She stared at them and kept on walking. “Playing hard to get I see, I like that.”

“Playing ?” She questioned. “I don’t play, games are for kids. I’m grown.”

“Oh my b I didn’t even mean to come off like that, look I just wanted you to know that every nigga gotta type and you just happen to be mines.” I turned to walk back to my car until she stopped me.

“Damion wait…” I stopped and turned around. “Do you have an Instagram? I don’t like giving my number out like that but you can follow me if you want.” She wrote her username in my palms and continued walking.

It was a short jog back to my car, and the first thing that I did was pull out my phone. I closed out of the unfinished text message to Tracy and opened up Instagram. “@_pussycatonreclusive” of course her page would be private. “As dope as you are you gotta nigga feigning,” I said sliding in her Direct Message.

On the way home I could not stop thinking about that fine ass vixen that I came across earlier. It wasn’t until I pulled into my driveway that I came back to reality. Not even two seconds after I walked in and the bitching started.

“You didn’t get my text?? I know you got that shit Damion I saw you read my shit and not reply.”

” I was driving yoo chill ! Why you always gotta trip over dumb shit??!”

“Why you always gotta lie to me ? That’s the real question. But you know what I’m not even in the mood to argue, I started making dinner, I ran out of some things, if you want to eat imma need you to run to the store. “

“Really yo, like you couldn’t have told me this while I was still on the road ?”

“What difference does it make, you were driving remember.”

I snatched my keys up from the counter and made a dramatic exit. She was tripping and she knew it. Fuck, what did she want me to get.

I turned around and she was standing there with a grocery list. “I thought you just needed a few things, seems to me you need the entire store.”

“Well you can start with that since you can’t give me the world.”

Oh so you just gonna hit a nigga where it hurts huh ? I see where we stand.

“WE don’t stand. I do all the standing, you can’t even get it up.”

“Maybe if you would give me head I would stand up for you.”

“Black niggas don’t need help standing Damion, or at least they shouldn’t. You are the exception to that myth.

I snatched the stupid ass list from her and stormed out. Fuck her list. I ain’t buying shit, shorty gonna have to go without.

The backlight on my phone lit up again, this time it was from the shorty I ran into earlier. She messaged me her address and I didn’t hesitate. This was what I needed. Fuck Tracy.

I drove like a nigga expecting pussy. First impressions are everything and I had to show shorty that I was reliable.

She started kissing me from head to toe while undressing me at the same time. She was already down to her birthday suit, hiding behind her silk robe.

She pushed me up against the wall and dropped to her knees. My face lit up. Finally. A female who understands the importance of some pole pleasing head. She held my cock between her cloud soft palms and began making circles with the tip of her tongue. Her panther pink lips took me in inch by inch. I got even harder the closer to my balls she got. My shaft was sitting somewhere deep down her throat.

She was in love with sucking on me. The smacking sounds were confirmation of a good time. Every now and then she looked up to make sure I was still enjoying it—I was. I ran my hands through her hair, gently massaging her scalp while she used her tongue to communicate how much she craved me. Rarely did she ever come up for fresh air or to even take me out to catch her breath. I for one never met someone who enjoyed giving head as much as she did.

The silk red robe dropped to the floor revealing her skin perfect pussy. My fingers made its way to her clit feeling for a good spot to start arousing. She was already wet and slippery. One at a time, my fingers slid inside of her wet cave. Fingering turned into fisting which turned into her cumming all over my hands. I freed up my hands and held her by her throat, slowly cumming in her mouth and wiping it across her plump lips.


“This nigga got me fucked up ! I got a app for that though, he is messing with the wrong one.”

Tracy used the Find My Friends app on her iPhone to locate the whereabouts of Damion. She did the math. The store was only 5 minutes away, it should take him no longer than 20 minutes to get what she had request and another 5 minutes to get back. All in all, a  30 minute task had turned into hours.

She drove like a madman when she recognized that Damion  was in a residential area far from where she had sent him. She pulled into the Paradise Parkway Apartments and recognized his car parked in the guest parking. Tracy darted up the steps using her phone as a guide until she got to the right apartment. She heard loud moaning and followed the sound.

From a peek through the blinds she could not believe what she saw. Damion was laid out across the sofa while a caramel female rode him better than she could ever have. The chick had gotten Damion to stand up and was enjoying every inch of his big blessing. She bounced up and down screaming louder and louder. What had started off as an invitation to whoop a bitch’s ass, turned into an eye opening experience for Tracy. The real question now was, should she take Damion back ?

To Be Continued..

#orlando #erotica


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