Every girl has that one guy who makes her draws drenched, soaked, and dripping wet. Felix was my favorite. From his big lips to his oversized dick, I loved every curve and every inch. His accuracy never ceased to satisfy me. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he made me a gazillion gallons wetter. But Felix was nothing but a feign, a figment of every female’s dream.

Felix was very touchy feely, or at least that’s how I imagined him to be. I’ve been feigning for his penis for as far as I could remember. I saved him as “Fix It Felix”, when he gave me his number. His gigantic curvy cock was just a call away. Mr. 6 foot 7 inches, my Penny Hardaway.

As I laid on my back with my legs propped up, I used one hand to rub my clit in circular motions while I sucked on the other, pretending it was Felix’s long hard cock. I had the apartment to myself. My roommates were all in class and didn’t get back till after 3; I had plenty of time.

Felix was off limits. My homegirl would KILL me if she knew I was fucking her man. But nothing mattered, Felix was well worth it. The way he would grab my ass in public, finger me while I chauffeured him and his boys around town, or show up at my workplace just to fuck me in my car on my lunch break. I loved the adventures that him and I embarked on. They were all worth it. I fluffed up the pillow and strategically placed it behind me.  

Beside me, there was a photo of Felix that I stole from my homegirl for dire emergencies like this one. The picture was of the two of them on the beach, but i bent it a little to crop her out of it. His rock hard abs did something for my pussy. I searched his crotch area for an outline of his dick and slowly licked my lips. My breathing got deeper as I pictured Felix melting inside of my mouth. I took one of his balls and started juggling it with my tongue as I rubbed the tip of his shaft. I wanted him inside of me so badly.

His dick was very slippery with my saliva lathered all over. My tongue glided up and down his main vein as I took his tip and let it soak inside of my mouth. He held onto my hair while I used my free hand to grab his ass cheeks and pull him further in. I felt something being poured inside of me only to find out he was cumming. I moaned and held my throat in place for him to finish. When the time was right, I used my tongue and licked the icing right off of his cake pop.

I was lifted in the air as he stuck his tongue in my pussy. I liked the way he grabbed my ass, squeezing firmly and pressing his dick on me. We kissed and kissed until he started kissing me all over. My nipples hardened as he past his plump lips over them. He passed my belly button and kissed his way into my danger zone. My volcanic pussy was known to erupt sporadically, squirting all over my victims faces. I liked the way he stuck two fingers inside of me while he made love to my clit. I hugged him with my legs and buried his head between my thighs, there was no escaping now.

The way he outlined the opening to my vagina with the tip of his tongue…my body was very appreciative. He used two fingers to spread my kitty open a little more as he licked in between. I started calling him every name in the book from daddy to Jesus…grabbing his head and shoving him deeper inside of me.

He got up and kissed me on my neck while giving me a bear hug. We were both naked and he was laying on top of me. “Put him in,” he whispered softly. I took his dick in my hands,surprised at how warm it was and placed the tip inside. He held onto my boobs for support as he drove every inch of his baton into me.  My pussy slowly adjusted to his size and made room for him. His raw cock felt so good inside of me.  I raised my eyebrows and opened my mouth as I was about to cum. He moaned aloud signaling that he too was about to climax. I was soaked from my pussy to my ass, and a puddle was beginning to form on the couch.

I slowly opened my eyes to the sound of giggling coming from the common area. Everything was blurry at first, but as soon as my vision adjusted I made out what was my roommates and a few other people I’ve never met before. Among the crowd was Felix, standing behind his girlfriend.

I looked at the time on the Blu ray player, it was a little bit after 3. I took my fingers out of my pussy and tried to use one of the pillow cushions for cover but it was too late. One of my roommates replayed a video that was taken of me playing with myself in my sleep.

The roar grew even louder when I got up and they noticed the cum puddles all over the couch. Someone found the picture of Felix that I was using and waived it frantically in the air. The laughter grew. I got up and disappeared into my room.

Felix and one of his close friends knocked on the door not too long after. I was thrown onto the bed and smiled as I stared into his eyes as he fucked me. My legs were spread as far apart as they could go. Felix was just as I imagined him to be. His huge cock was  pleasured me immensely. Each and every stroke was nothing short of satisfaction. This time I wasn’t dreaming.


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