Truth or Dare

Darren buried his lips deep between Ariel’s pussy jaw. The two had been hooking up for quite some time. They met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. They played truth or dare, one thing led to another and now his beard was soaked with her cum. It couldn’t have escalated any quicker. “I dare you to tap my g spot with your tongue, bury your dick down my throat and give me a massage all at the same time,” Ariel said, challenging Darren. “That’s easy, as a matter of fact, I’m going to do it with you upside down in the air.” The thought of it alone turned the faucet on inside of Ariel. She could feel herself leaking into her brand new panties that she had just picked up from Victoria’s Secret.

Ariel jumped up onto Darren, he spunned her upside down as promised. Her thick thighs clasped firmly around his neck. Her ass was in his face, giving his tongue a clear shot inside of her. On the other end of the spectrum, Darren’s huge veiny cock was inching it’s way down the dark hole at the back of Ariel’s throat. She had no gag reflex. The huge instrument lodged itself somewhere deep into her esophagus and waited for her to begin sucking.
Up top, Darren spat into Ariel’s clean-shavened twat and started pulling on her clit with his soft lips. It was so tight, he had trouble looking inside without squinting his eyes, as he spread her wide open like a book. He lowered his tongue slowly between her damp pussy cheeks. The juices from his tongue and the juices inside of her mixed, creating one big mess. Darren had no choice but to suck all the cum out of her. His knees were getting weak. He tried to pick up on the taste of her cum, but came up short every time. There wasn’t really a taste to it, I think that’s what made the experience truly remarkable. He lowered his tongue even deeper. Slowly, he began easing his tongue in and out of her. She had passed the point of holding it out any longer and gave him her best shot, literally. Without warning, she squirted all over his beautiful face that was buried between her warm thighs. Little did she know that he was about ready as well until she felt the salty substance explode in her mouth. She swallowed, then switched positions.

“That’s it ?” Ariel blurted.

“What ? I did everything you dared me to do. I tapped your g spot when I made you cum, you gave me wicked head and I massaged you all at the same time as promised,” Darren said just as fast.

“What massage ?? I don’t remember getting any of the sort.”

“My tongue acted as my hands, and you gonna need to do some grocery shopping after all that eaten I just did.”

“I wanna cum some more. I wanna know what its like to have you inside of me, exploring my treasure box with your rod of righteousness.”

“I guess I could bless that pussy of yours one more time,” Darren said, half smirking.

Darren snatched her up real quick. There was still some semen left from when he came inside of her mouth, he used it to lubricate his entrance inside of her pussy. She was well aware. He spat on her ass and watched the spit drain between her cheeks and onto his dick. “Slowly,” she begged. But her plea arrived a little too late. Darren had already wedged his wood deep inside of her. She moaned profusely. Ariel’s roommates were all at home. They had to be both deaf and dumb if they didn’t know what was going on. Ariel was no saint, but this was by far the best experience of her life. Never had she been worked like that in her life. She buried her head in the pillow and arched her back. Darren kept drilling. There were a few blackout moments. They were easily recognizable because all you heard was Darren slamming against her fat ass. The pillow soaked with her mouth water. There was a sudden knock at the door.

“Are you okay,” a voice asked. It sounded like Sophia, one of the roommates.

Ariel tuned out the sound of Sophia knocking. Darren didn’t let the noise interrupt his rhythm.

“Ariel honey, answer me, is everything alright.”

Sophia had to do something. She went for help. All of the other roommates went back to Ariel’s door. A few knocks later, the door finally creaked open. Darren stood at the doorway fully naked. His dick was as stiff as a bamboo, with Ariel’s cum dripping from the tip of his shaft.

To Be Continued…



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  1. The story just get sweet it just finish so man


  2. Sooooooooooooo juicy


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