The Wave

We only had a five minute window to do whatever it was that we were doing. Five minutes to be satisfied and find out what each other tasted like. Miss L always pulled off her uniform look effortless, and now, I had the opportunity to take it off. Once the lobby was empty I signaled to Miss L that I would be right back. She picked up on the signal like I knew she would and followed me into the manager’s office.

I quickly stripped out of my work uniform into my birthday suit. Miss L took off her jacket, exposing her bright pink crop top underneath. Her nipples were stiff and battling their way through her shirt. I knew Miss L liked it rough and given the short amount of time that we had, rough was the way it had to be.

I yanked off her top and grabbed a handful of her huge breast into my hands. They felt warm and soft and tasted just as great as they looked. My tongue ran at least a marathon around Miss L’s nipples. She squirmed like a child that had to go pee.

In the quiet office, I could hear my watch ticking away. I was running out of time. I lifted Miss L on top of the desk with all of my might. She rolled up her skirt showcasing her smoothly shaved pussy underneath the fluorescent light. I immediately went to work. Usually vaginas are unattractive to look at, but not her’s. The kitty was pretty. It tasted amazing. Warm and welcoming, I just had to bury my face in it. Miss L continued to ride my face over and over again like her favorite roller coaster attraction. Her fat juicy pussy felt good in my mouth. She stopped for a second, giving me the opportunity to hold her cheeks and begin tongue fucking her. I treated her clit like a punching bag and started pounding on it with my tongue, slapping it side to side. My tongue gently grazed her g spot sending a burst of energy through her body and a rush of gush down my throat.

This awakened my animalistic behavior. I got up and flipped Miss L over on the desk and inserted my cock with confidence. She was much older than me, but I was certain I could hit it like she’d never been hit before. I applied x amount of pressure as I rhythmically fucked her right in the pussy. I tried hard not to cum, but her pussy was heaven. I held on tight unto her shoulders as I continued stroking my way through her body. I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her thighs and poured a gallon of milk into her already wet pussy.

The moaning got louder, eventually turning into loud pants. Astrid, one of my co-workers stood at the door. She had been watching the entire time. She took her fingers out from underneath and sucked her cum off her hands. I got a glimpse of her fat ass as she bent down to retrieve her draws from her ankles. She smiled and waved at me before disappearing back out onto the desk.

There was something about the way Astrid waved at me. I was for certain that what she had saw changed her perception of me for the better.


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