Using both hands I spread her legs apart, making way for my plump lips to satisfy her. She was on all fours like a dog, patiently waiting. I dropped down on one knee, using my tongue ; I showed her just how much I loved her. Her female discharge felt refreshing, as it slithered down my throat. I flicked her clit with my tongue before taking the entire vagina back into my mouth. My tongue slid inside of her and that was the last I saw of it. This was a daily occurrence. The money I gave her was to go towards rent because I felt as if I lived inside of her!

There was a loud clucking noise that developed from the excessive eating. My beard was soaked to the point where it was dripping. To my surprise she got up and began sucking on my chin, drinking up all of her cum. I tilted my head back and didn’t obliged. I wanted it. I felt tiny circles as she made her way south with her tongue, returning the favor. Her French nails looked great clasped around my balls. She slowly toiled with them in her hands as she fondled with her clit.

I searched my mind frantically, trying to find out where my cock had gone off to. It was hard and wet, but not from my own juices. Wherever it was, it was rather comfortable. It was tucked off somewhere and kept warm and snug. Something soft and wet glided up and down my cock. I knew where I was. Her tongue completed 4 laps around my tip before dumping it back into her mouth. Her warm saliva worked wonders. I felt warm sperm swim to the tip of my shaft before dispersing into her mouth. I reached for a napkin, but she slapped it out of my hand. She carefully tied her hair into a bun, cracked her fingers then went back down. I felt myself hardening inside of her once more. I wanted to lift my head and watch what was going on, but I couldn’t find the strength. She sucked the life out of me.


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