Floor 13

“This is the last time that I will allow an extension on payment..you are three months behind and I’m afraid you will get so backed up that you can’t pay back any of it,” Mr. Lee (my landlord) said as he got ready to leave. “I know, and this is the last time I promise Mr. Lee, it’s just that work is really slow and I’m having a hard time landing a better job.” “Well whatever the case may be, this is the last time.” “Last time,” I said closing the door behind him. For a moment I stood there, leaning up against the door as if I was preventing an intruder from entering. It wasn’t my fault that I was behind on my rent. What was I to do? I had a shitty part- time job as a bellboy at a tour and travel hotel. The hotel wasn’t too shabby. I mean, it wasn’t no Ritz or Marriott, but the guest got what they paid for nonetheless.

I worked as a 3rd shift bellboy for God knows how long. You would think that I would at least get a raise of some sort, but nope..zero..zilch..nada. I had a good feeling that I was going to be late this month again if i didn’t come up with something quick. I’ve tried everything..selling old things around the house, doing handy work for people too lazy to do it themselves. No matter the case, I was short each and every month. I slowly eased myself off the door and headed towards the couch. It was around 2pm and if I didn’t fall asleep now I would feel it tonight at work. There was an old issue of a Playboy magazine and a half bottle of Jergens lotion conveniently on the table adjacent to where I was sitting. Ever since I was younger, I learned that my best sleep came after I came. I slipped my hands inside of my basketball shorts, feeling the warmth of the gentle giant. My flaccid penis alone was at an abnormal 10″, I was quite a force to be reckoned with when I was fully erect towering 14″ at least.

I ran my hands up and down my shaft, gently massaging all of the veins that could be felt. He crawled out shortly after, revealing his true beauty. Massive in size and quite scary for a girl experiencing sex for the first time. I spat on the tip to get enough lubrication to begin. It was hard to hold the magazine and my cock at the same time. As a solution, I flipped the magazine to my favorite model and left it on that page. My heart rate started beating uncontrollably for reasons that I myself didn’t have the answers to. After I lathered the beast from head to toe in saliva, I tamed him from the base before working my way to the tip. I adjusted myself in the couch to make room for the volcano that was bound to erupt any second now. He was so soft and warm, despite its hardness. I inspected it for any defects, but didn’t find any. I squeezed my butt together, hardening my cock even more. I spat on the tip a couple more times before vigorously sliding up and down my shaft. I felt a tingly sensation flowing through me, I traced it from its origin to where it landed, on my face. The warm, creamy liquid took all my stress with it as it left my body. I attempted to get up from the couch, falling back a few times out of tiredness.

The obnoxious sound of my alarm was the only reason why I woke up. I fidgeted inside my pockets until I got it free. It was just after 8 pm, I had ample amount of time to get something to eat before I had to ready myself for the 10 pm to 6 am shift I had waiting for me. The short nap I had on the couch was just enough to prepare myself for the night ahead. I was neither tired nor fatigued from having too much sleep. There was nothing much in the house to eat, but I loved checking anyway. I opened the refrigerator, it was barren except for the few bottles of Heineken that was left over from a party. I kept them just in case I had any guest over, I had something to offer them. With an empty stomach, I got ready in the usual fashion. The cold water from the shower was a must. I felt so rejuvenated after a cold bath, it also did a pretty good job of waking me up in the event that I was still a little sleepy.
My uniform was somewhere between that of a chef and a band geek. I preferred it over wearing my own clothes so it wasn’t such a big deal to me as it was to the other bellboys that I worked with. I stared at myself in the mirror. The built up stress was evident in by ever so revealing eyes. I tried to crack a smile and even that was a hard thing to do. I sometimes wish that I lived far away from society, to where I didn’t have to worry about bills and things of that nature. Instead, I would focus on living a happy and meaningful life, sorta like a monk. I sighed and turned off the lights before leaving for work.

Work wasn’t too far away. I usually just walked, or biked if I was running super late. Today I decided to walk. And when I saw Miss Patsy, my neighbor, I decided to walk even faster. Miss Patsy had loaned me roughly a thousand dollars since she moved in a few months ago. I had every intention of paying her back, but there was more important things that I had to see to first. The weather was just right, neither too humid or too cold. I took the same route that I always took, and have been taking for a few years now. I didn’t know the physical address to the hotel, I just knew I was getting closer when a tall building with lights came into sight.
When I got to work, it was pretty quiet for a Friday night. I opened my mouth to make mention of it, but Alvin, my co-worker stopped me. “DON’T.. don’t you dare say a word…it’s been like this all night and I expect it to stay this way so that I can get to go home on time.” Like me, Alvin has been working with the company for quite some time now. I knew he had a fairly large family. I could only assume that he had a second job out of speculation. One thing was for sure, what the bellboy made was far from good money. “There’s not a lot of check-ins left, 1st and 2nd shift took most of the hit. It’s a Friday night so expect a lot of drunk and lost guests. Don’t forget to greet each and every guest with a smile and thank them for staying with us. I have nothing else to add, have a great night at work Robert.” And just like that, I was left alone to handle all 1600 rooms.
I sat at the desk, waiting for a guest that needed my help. It was only 11pm. It felt like I’ve been here 3 hours already. Boy was it going to be a long night. A few guests came up to the desk inquiring what was still open to eat. Others came just to ask where the nearest bathroom was. For the most part, it was dead like Alvin had warned me. A dead night meant little to no tip, which only meant that if I kept having nights like these, I would once again be short on the bills. It must have been around midnight when a short woman with long hair came into the hotel hauling two pieces of luggage behind her. I ran to help her, “I’ll get that for you,” I said stretching my arms out to confiscate the suitcases from her. “OMG thank you! You have no idea how much of a life saver you are right now.” “Have you already checked in ?” I asked. She waved her key packets at me. “Ahh you’re on the 13th floor, right this way.” “You know, in some hotels there isn’t a 13th floor …” I said making conversation. “Well let’s just hope that this hotel does, because I am extremely tired and can’t wait to get into my bed!” I looked at the stickers attached to her luggage, her name was Paris. “You have a very lovely name,” I said sucking up to get a good tip. “Why thank you, I was named after my mom’s favorite place to visit.” I selected floor 13 from the list outside of the elevator. There was a ding and the doors flew open shortly after. “Ladies first,” I said. From the back Paris had more curves that a essay written in cursive. Her hips protruded outwards, and her ass resembled two giant clouds following her everywhere she went. Her hair was quite a spectacle, it almost touched the clouds that was chasing behind her. “Nice hair,” I commented. “Are you looking at my ass ?!” She yelled. “No I..no I wasn’t..I was looking at your hair.” “Yea uh huh, sure. Is there a manager on duty ?!” I turned red out of embarrassment. “Ahaha I’m joking,” she said shortly after. “You can look at my ass all you want to, heck you can even touch it if you wanted.” “Unfortunately I’m on the clock…but tomorrow is my day off,” I quickly added. “When do you check out.” Before she could answer the elevator stopped on the 13th floor. Her room was just right around the corner. “How do you use this thing,” she said looking at the key card with a perplexed expression. “It’s a proximity key, you just hold it up to the door like this,” I said holding her hands while showing her how to work the key. The door opened. She smiled as she adjusted her hair. “This room is heaven,” she said diving onto the bed. “Thank you so much for all your help, have a great night at work!” I placed the bags beside the door for her and left.

I used every single curse words that I could think of. All that work and no tip ! And then Mr. Lee wonders why I can’t pay my bills on time. It’s because of inconsiderate bitches like that! Not even a dollar so I could buy coffee later…NOTHING! I made my way downstairs and back to my desk. I felt defeated. I was running out of options. I was about to get up to use the bathroom when the phone rang. “Hey..this is Paris..do you have a minute ? I want to show you something. It’s okay for you to come right in.” Before I could tell her to fuck off, she hung up. I better go and see what the cheapskate wanted. I used my universal key that opens all of the rooms to let myself in. The room was foggy from the heat coming from the shower. I knocked on the bathroom door. “Miss Paris, is everything okay in there ?” There was no answer. I knocked once again. “Miss Paris?” After the third time with no answer, I let myself in.

Paris was leaned up against the glass door of the shower. Her legs glimmered. She was using the removable shower head to massage her clean shaven-ed pussy. I could feel myself standing up inside of my uniform. I knew why she called me here. It was best if I remained silent. I didn’t want to kill her mood. Instead I removed my uniform. I was the only bellboy that worked nights. I only had a little time before someone would notice that I was gone. I climbed into the shower with Paris. She caught sight of the snake that I brought with me. “I thought this wasn’t a pet-friendly hotel,” she said smirking. I wasted no time. I grabbed one breast in my hand and started sucking on her nipples, circling my tongue around the raisin like nipple. They hardened without delay. Paris reached down and grabbed a hold of my manhood. I lifted her up in the air and inserted every inch of me inside of her. She gasped for air while trying to get a hold on the wet tiled walls. I kept sending everything I had up inside of her. She moaned profusely. I gently placed one hand around her neck, careful not to hold on too tight. My dick stiffened inside of her, the shock widened her eyes even further. She banged on the walls of the shower, as I banged on the walls of her wet cave. Neither of us had remembered anything about protection, raw never felt so good. I slowly pulled myself out of her and eased her back to the ground.

The shower water pounded on our bare skin. I didn’t have much time left, but wasn’t quite ready to leave. I still had a few more positions that I wanted to try. I braced Paris’s round buttocks on my cock and began hitting it wheelbarrow style. Neither of us enjoyed that position; too much of a workout. I had to get back to the desk. “The reason I called you up here was because I forgot to give you your tip,” she said handing me a blank check with her signature on it ,”fill out the amount you need.” I didn’t know what to say. I thanked her kindly for her generosity and left the room quietly.


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