Chocolate Pipe(s)

Roxanne McDaniels was one of the coolest females on the planet. She was blessed from head to toe, but she wasn’t stuck up like most of them other girls. She had a great mix of brains and beauty and as an added bonus shorty knew how to ride dick.

I was laying around my crib one day, my homie and I. The two of us went way back, he is like a brother to me. We sat in the middle of the living room flipping through the channels on the plasma. A text message came through, but I didn’t pay it any attention. Today was just one of those days, the ones where you just didn’t want to be bothered you know?

I finally got around to checking my phone, and I was glad I did. The text was from Roxanne, a girl I met at the library last semester during finals week. Roxanne was bad! She wore these cute little cheetah print Coach glasses which complemented her luscious red hair. Roxanne had a way about her that made her so easy to talk to. I opened the text message and replied:

Roxanne: Hey Richard, what’s up?!

Me: Not much bored as usual.

Roxanne: Aww you poor thing. I wish I was there to make you “unbored”!

Me: Well you can be, I’m home if you want to stop by.

Roxanne: I just have to take care of a few things then I’ll come over.

Me: I would be the happiest man in the world if you wore those panties that I like.

Roxanne: Hehe, you’re so silly. We will see. See you soon!

It didn’t take Roxanne very long to show up at my door. My brother already knew what the deal was so he was on stand by. Did you really think I was gonna do my homie like that? Shit he was gonna get some too!

“Richarrrrrrrrrd!” she screamed as she jumped up into my arms. I grabbed her ass up in the air as the two of us made out on the wall for longer than either of us had expected. Roy cleared his throat calling attention to himself. “Roxanne, you remember Roy right?” The two smiled while exchanging handshakes.

Roxanne was wearing this fairly thin sundress with a floral design. Her ass was plump and it was clearly visible underneath that dress. I couldn’t tell whether or not she was wearing any panties. There was no trace of a panty line any where, maybe she had on a thong. There was only one way to find out.

I lifted her up in the air, running my hands up her thighs and finally squeezing both of her butt cheeks; she was indeed going commando today. I pinned her onto the wall and rubbed my thumb in circular motions around her pussy. I knew she shaved right before she got here. That must have been the task she needed to take care of really quick.

While we shared a passionate french kiss she guided my fingers to her warm wetness. She squirmed around in my arms as my fat manly fingers glided in and out of her. I lifted her medium frame and placed her gently on the couch beside Roy. While making playful circles with my tongue I made my way down her chest. My hands got ahold of her soft breasts and my tongue followed straight to her hard nipples. I gripped my hands around her oversized bosoms. As I flicked my long tongue repeatedly across her chest, to my surprise, her nipples got even harder.

I slid my tongue down even further, stopping at her belly button, making out with it excessively. By and by, I finally landed in the gold mine. My lips were surrounded by two freshly shaved pussy jaws and they could not wait to explore every inch of those jaws. I took my tongue and wiped between her thighs back and forth. Her pussy let out a burst of creamy liquid, she started moaning a little as her hands made their way for my head. Her clit hardened and I could tell she was trying to tighten up her pussy, but my tongue stretched her right back open. She let out a gasp as I sent a tingling sensation straight through her body. Slowly, I twirled my long wet tongue deep inside of Roxanne’s plump pussy.

I tried to catch as much of her extracts as I could inside of my mouth. Whatever I missed landed on the tile below, leaving it all slippery wet. She was drenched. I unpinned her from the wall, giving her a minute to regain her balance. I knew that if I didn’t let her down she was about to drown in her own juices.

I glanced over at my homie and he was sitting on the couch stroking his dick in preparation. I pointed over towards him and Roxanne wobbled in his direction. She went in front of him then turned around, facing her back to him. She held on to his knees and wobbled as she sat down. Her head flew back as his curvy dick surged inside of her. It took her a minute to get a good feel of it. That was when I saw a side of Roxanne that I’ve never seen before.

She picked up speed and grinded the fuck out of his dick. His balls collected all of the cum that trailed down his pole. Her perfectly shaped ass looked so beautiful I could hardly wait till it was my turn. But I wasn’t going to stand there and let my boy have all the fun. I stood in front of Rozanne and took off the rest of my clothes. Her soft hands grabbed my balls together as she lathered her mouth getting ready to suck me dry.

I held her head still between my hands and guided my shaft into her mouth. She wrapped her pink tongue around it while I stared in her beautiful hazel eyes. I couldn’t stop thinking about cuming on her boobs; which were bouncing up and down as my boy hit it from behind. I was building up a nice big load to paint her tits with.

“Your glasses protect your eyes, but what about your face? What will prevent me from ejaculating all over that lovely face of yours?” I said to her. I held her by her throat and continued dishing out my best moves. She took my dick out of her mouth, making a popping sound. She went back down, this time taking both of my balls in her mouth and slobbering all over them.

We changed position. “I’m going to teach you a lesson,” I whispered in her ear. Her legs frantically as I laid her on her back on the sofa. I didn’t intend on JUST fucking her. I intended on capturing her heart with every stroke. I would not stop until she pledged her allegiance to my chocolate pipe.


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