Bursting Bubbles

I pranced around the apartment completely naked, one of the joys of being home alone. My hands felt the smoothness of my ass as I grabbed myself in front of the bathroom mirror. I closed the drain to the tub and began filling it with water. As the tub filled, I sat on the side and stretched my legs as far apart as I could. I began stroking myself, as I meditated to the sound of the tub filling. In the background, I was playing a track from my favorite album. The mood was just right. I started dancing on the side of the tub. My pussy rubbed against the edges, and the faster I went, the more stimulated she became.

SHE ate anything that I fed her; fingers, bananas, dildos, and the list goes on. Her favorite meal was a long hard black dick straight inside of her. SHE gobbled it up as if it was her last meal. I stood against the wall and used the handle of my hair brush to stroke her. The rubbery grip went in and out with ease, the wetter I became. I left the brush inside of me to free up my hands. My French manicure complemented my skin tone well. I slowly licked my lips as I fondled with my nipples using both hands. I reached down to grab the brush just before it slipped out of me. My essence leaked out profusely.

I was yearning for something different. I went up against the door and slowly took the handle inside of me. Never had I been stretched like that. The stainless steel handle sent a cold chill inside of my warm moist vagina. I whimpered like a shivering dog out in the rain. I soon lost interest in the handle and started grinding on the faucet. I turned on the pipe so that the warm water would clean me out.

I heard a car pull into the driveway. Moments later the key started to turn. I jolted to the door, completely naked and jumped into Dion’s arms. My hating ass neighbor, Simone saw me out in the open, but I didn’t care. She already knew what time it was, my man was about lay it down on me. I hugged him tighter. I started to leak on his dress pants, a behavior that I knew was reprehensible.

“What did I tell you about my pants ?” He said throwing me onto the couch.

I laid on my back and spread my legs apart. Dion went on his knees and started disciplining me for my bad behavior. His tongue slapped inside of my jaws as he fought past my clit. He stretched me even further than the door handle had.

I was lifted in the air and held there. I’ve been holding back for so long and I just couldn’t hold myself up in the air and my cum back at the same time. I moaned loud enough to make sure Simone could hear as I aimed my juices inside of Dion’s mouth. He looked even hotter with my cream spread across his face and running off his beard. I was escorted off to the room, but had to make a minor detour once he spotted the bubble bath that I had prepared. I jumped for joy when he started to take off his clothes. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this moment all damn day. I grabbed a hold of his huge chocolate-coated penis and started sucking. His dick was nice and warm. I loved when it grew larger while inside of my mouth, it was like magic. I blacked out. His salty semen surged down my throat, leaving me dehydrated.

Dion started going inside while sucking on my titties at the same time. He had the stamina of a horse. He paid no mind to my plea for mercy. I was bent over on the side of the tub as he clogged up my tight hole. “Yass daddy,” I moaned as he began slapping my cheeks as hard as he could. I loved it rough. Dion was the perfect match for me, and the perfect fit for my pussy. I turned around slightly so I could see the look on his face.

“Who’s pussy is it?” I questioned.

He went even faster. I started to moan even loader. Dion stuffed my head underneath the water. Bubbles started to form as a result of me yelling.

I felt his tongue slip inside of me as he began to nurse my sore pussy. We climbed into the tub together. It was my turn. I climbed on top and took in my honk of a husband. I was such a lucky girl. I started off slow before I started giving it to him. Damn he felt good inside of me. I knew he came inside of me, but I didn’t mind. Raw was our style, plus I was ready to have this man’s babies. I started twerking on the still stiff Dion, showing off a little bit. I gripped him and started questioning the fuck out of him.

“You like that ? Yea ? Like the way mommy rides that dick for daddy?”

Dion swore he had better pussy before. “I hate to burst your bubble, but who’s pussy do you be in night and day, 24/7 ? You can’t get enough and you know it,” I said with confidence and a broad smile across my face.

I leaned forward and we made out. “Three…two…one,” we said simultaneously as I cummed all over his huge ass cock and he dispersed his kids inside of me to take care of. I laid my head on his chest as we waited until all the water drained out of the tub.


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